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Truth Or Dare Klayton Frost

Truth Or Dare

Klayton Frost

Published July 27th 2012
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

It begins with a knock on the door late one night, and an invitation that David can scarcely believe is real. Does he want to join Mel and Julia in their room for a game of truth or dare? David joins the game, and things quickly begin to escalate with a series of more and more risque dares. How long will it be before the sexual tension becomes overwhelming? Read on to find out.Truth Or Dare is an erotic story with lesbianism, exhibitionism, a slow build of sexual tension and a menage a trois.Truth Or Dare is part of a series of books by Klayton Frost. In his work Klayton is determined to show just how amazing well-written, intelligent erotica can be. For too long erotic fiction has been dominated by the cheesy, the humorous and the downright awful. This is not how it should be. Good erotica can do so much more than just tittilate. Read Truth Or Dare and find out for yourself!