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Clothes Sue Hendra


Sue Hendra

ISBN : 9781552095348
Board Books
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

These colorful books stimulate interactive play and pre-reading word recognition as children learn the names of things they love most: dump truck, car, fire engine The see-through pockets with flaps create anticipation and surprise, and handling the large pull-out shapes promotes fine motor skills. A large pull-out page at the back of each book features all the animals (or vehicles) from the book.Clothes features 24 pieces of childrens clothing Each spread includes four colorful items and on the opposite page is a flap illustrated with a scene in which a child may the item of clothing. Children are asked questions such as What do you wear to go swimming? Whether they can find the bathing suit or not, theyll find the item with a picture underneath the flap: You wear a bathing suit to go swimming. Delighted with their skill at finding the bathing suit the child removes the cut-out and slides it into the see-through pocket for safekeeping - or the next time around.Pop it in the Pocket books are filled with easily recognizable images that are an important part of a childs vocabulary learning. A kind of peek-a-boo in a book, they are sure to bring fun and surprises to young children.